Pilates Duo oder Einzel 2022

Sound performance (live, 17 minutes, amplified on stereo speakers) and installation in public space (Trottoir exhibition series, Munich)
Together with Rebecca Ruchti
Photos: Leonhard Huber
A street in a Munich neighbourhood becomes stage set and sounding board of sounds and words that fill the air and whose source is at first not easy to spot. A rectangular parking lot is denied in its function by 6 white benches placed diagonally on its surface: cars are literally “driven out”, while visitors and passers-by are welcome to sit and occupy its space. From a window, from an apartment up on the opposite side of the street, singing, whistling voices and accordion chords are performed and reach the audience downstairs filtered through background noise, street traffic, wind and birds chirping, the spectacle of daily life. The sound piece combines advertisements and writings coming from the street to more intimate anecdotes and fragments from interiors. The perpetual appearance, looping and modulating of two melodies (Theme A: Tarantella Napoletana and Theme B: Bella Ciao) gives body to the constant reshaping and reappropriation of politically charged music tunes into pop-folk ones, and viceversa, before disappearing again in the daily hum and buzz of street life.
Audio excerpt (venus breeze, Radio furchtbar edit)

Full audio

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